Fashion is an exciting and fast-paced industry and being a model demands a lot of self-discipline, motivation, and hard work, just like any other job. For me though, fashion is a form of self expression and artistry. Being able to exist in this world and wear beautiful garments down a runway or for a photo shoot is like a dream come very own fashion fairytale and I love every minute!


I have been fortunate enough to be able to work throughout the United States as well as internationally. My career started out in Cleveland Ohio working with the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency and progressed to other major markets in NYC, Miami, Toronto, Montreal, Paris, and Milan. I have participated in world-class designer's runway shows, posed on the covers of various magazines, and appeared in television shows and movies.


Starting out in this business, I had no idea what to expect, but I learn fast and was also fortunate enough to find some great professionals in the business to guide me through the tough spots!! Many of these people have become dear friends and mentors to me and I am eternally grateful for their words of wisdom and advice.


I often hear from young girls who have always dreamed of becoming a model. For you I have a few words of advice, "Keep both eyes open, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Find someone you can trust for advice and support. Stay grounded...remember no matter how beautiful you may be, there are hundreds of other girls who are just as pretty and would love to do what your doing. Most of all, remember that your beauty and self esteem can not be defined by any talent scout or agent...believe in yourself and reach for your dreams no matter what anyone says."



Height: 5'10"


Hair: Blonde


Eyes: Green/Blue


Shoe: 38


Size: 2


Bust: 34"


Waist: 24"


Hips: 35"

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